Evaluation Findings

Annual evaluation reports are being produced bringing together the evidence and learning generated across each year of the evaluation.

Annual Report 1

Report 1 was published in June 2017. It centres on the results of scoping activities undertaken in the initial phase of the evaluation, the first wave of an online survey with grant holders and partners, and interviews with unsuccessful BBO grant applicants.

Annual Report 2

Report 2 produced in June 2018 reflects on success and lessons learned in terms of engaging the programme target groups and delivery so far, as well as the immediate and potential future outcomes from the programme.

Interim Evaluation Findings Summary

At the mid-way point of the national evaluation of Building Better Opportunities, this summary brings together some key evaluation findings so far.

Annual Report 3

This report brings together the latest evaluation evidence to present an overview of the recent developments and achievements of the BBO programme. It maps the profile of participants, their needs and the achievements of participants to date using Programme level Management Information (MI) data and initial results from the participant survey. It draws out further learning from the programme's design and implementation, including further evidence on what works in engaging and supporting individuals to be able to progress along the path towards employment.

Annual Report 4

This report brings together evidence from various evaluation strands to present an overview of the latest developments and achievements of the programme over 2019 - 2020.  It specifically reports on the final findings of the participant survey and looks at how projects initially responded to the COVID-19 pandemic and the adaptions made to continue to support participants.

2020 Evaluation Findings Summary

A summary of the 2020 national evaluation findings for those who want a quick insight into the emerging findings.  For more details on any of these findings please read the full Annual Report 4. 

Annual Report 5

This report focuses on the approaches projects have taken to support participants during the pandemic, including challenges and enablers they have encountered. It also explores the impact of the pandemic on the achievement of results.

Annual Report 6

This report looks at the programme’s overarching performance since it launched in 2016, as well as examining what the Covid pandemic has meant for project performance and the attainment of results and outcomes.